IdeaBox Unveils Energy Efficient Prefab Home


The Aktiv IKEA prefab home.

A look inside the Aktiv prefab home. Photo: IdeaBox

Update: It has come to Earth911′s attention that IKEA is not selling the Aktiv prefabricated home. Interior designers from IKEA Portland helped furnish the interior of the Aktiv, but the retailer is not manufacturing or selling the product. For ordering information, please visit IdeaBox online.

IKEA has said that their ability to sustain a reputable business is focused on, well, sustainability.

In recent years, the Swedish furnishings retailer has phased out plastic bagsbanned the sale of incandescent light bulbs, planted 1.5 million trees across the U.S. and started an initiative to install solar panels at select American stores.

It’s all a part of the IKEA lifestyle, the company claims, but along with Oregon-based IdeaBox, makers of prefabricated homes, the home decor giant is taking that lifestyle to a new, literal level.

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In true IKEA fashion, the two companies unveiled the quirkily-named “Aktiv,” a modern prefab home that comes fully furnished, along with water efficient pipes, dual flushing toilets, Energy Star appliances and 100 percent LED lights.

The one bed, one bath, 745-square-foot space isn’t your typical IKEA product. It comes fully assembled, cutting out those frustrating mid-assembly cursing sessions. The layout of the home is set in stone, but customers can choose their own color scheme and décor.

Of course, on top of the affordable $86,500 price, the cost of the land to set it on should be considered by potential buyers.

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