How to Save More Than $2,000 This Year

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Is your budget a little tight these days? Cutting out your daily stop at the coffee shop and saying no to those fancy new shoes will help. But one of the best places to save money and resources is right in your own home. From conserving water to saving energy, here are nine quick and easy ways to save more than $2,000 this year.


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1. Weatherize those windows

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Photo: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911
window, windows, window box, house, shudders, flowers, plants, home
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Gaps and openings around windows and doors are seriously annoying. But they also allow loads of energy (and hard-earned cash) to escape from your home.

Start by weather-stripping old windows and doors, which is the surest way to close those gaps. This simple step could reduce your heating and cooling costs by 15 to 30 percent.

How does that stack up in terms of yearly savings? The average American household spends at least $2,200 per year on home utility bills, 42 percent of which is used on heating and cooling.

So, if you spend about $925 per year to heat and cool your home, weatherproofing your windows can put up to $252 back into your pocket.

If you decide to replace old windows entirely, opting for EPA Energy Star-qualified models designed for your area could save an additional $95 per year.

Annual savings: Up to $347

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