Wow, I Can Compost That?

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6. Loofahs and tissues

loofah, washcloth, bathroom, toiletries, toiletry, sponge
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loofah, washcloth, bathroom, toiletries, toiletry, sponge

You already know you can toss washroom compostables like cotton swabs and toilet paper tubes into the bin. But that isn’t all you can compost in the bathroom.

Since they are made from natural vegetable sponges, those loofahs you use to keep your skin smooth and soft are actually 100 percent compostable.

Want to close the loop? Use compost from your pile to help you grow your own loofahs right in the backyard.

If allergies have you blowing your nose every five minutes, you can also toss all those used facial tissues right into the bin. Paper towels used to clean up spills and other household messes are also safe for your pile, as long as they haven’t touched any toxic cleaning supplies.

While cold and flu viruses don’t usually survive long outside the human body, skip composting tissues used during an illness to avoid potential health risks.

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