6 Inspiring Community Gardens

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Community gardens can add much-needed green space to an urban environment, provide locals with affordable, fresh produce and bring together diverse members of the community. From a Santa Cruz, Calif. garden that creates job opportunities for the city’s homeless to a modest, 11-bed garden in Atlanta that united a neighborhood, here are six of the U.S.’s most inspiring community gardens.

1. Project Youth Green, Pacoima, Calif.

youth speak collective, community garden
Youth Speak volunteers help plant new trees in a Pacoima park. Photo: Youth Speak Collective
youth speak collective, community garden
community garden
community garden, urban garden
community garden, food bank
community garden
community garden

In a low-income, neglected neighborhood in California’s northeast San Fernando Valley, nonprofit Youth Speak Collective operates Project Youth Green, a four-acre community garden that provides green space, fresh produce and educational opportunities to local youth and families who otherwise wouldn’t have access to these resources.

In the two-acre Learning Garden, youth from over-crowded schools and gang-infested neighborhoods can participate in educational programs designed to help them stay in school, work on their personal development and prepare for college and careers.

The plot’s other two acres are devoted to a 60-plot community garden where families can grow their own fruits and vegetables and learn how to incorporate healthy produce into their diets. To further encourage healthy and sustainable living, the garden also boasts a fruit tree orchard, walking paths and plenty of space for physical education.

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