Denver Curbside Recycling Now Accepts Cartons


Milk cartons are among the many recyclable cartons accepted in Denver curbside recycling receptacles.

Denver residents can now place cartons in their curbside recycling containers.

As part of an Earth Day initiative, Denver mayor Michael B. Hancock announced the recycling addition to the Denver Public Works recycling program late last month. While cartons have always been recyclable, this is particularly monumental for the City of Denver because citizens don’t have to seek out a drop off site or go the less-than-sustainable route of placing cartons in the trash.

Common household cartons include those containing egg whites, milk, ice cream, juice, broth, wine, tofu and more, which can then be recycled into tissue, paper towels and some construction materials.

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“I’m especially excited to be making this addition to the recycling program because there are not only significant environmental benefits, but also powerful economic benefits both locally and globally,” says Hancock in a statement. “We should all be proud to be part of a world class city that values these benefits.”

Today, one in three American households has access to carton recycling programs. Carton recycling has increased in the United States over the past four years. In 2008, a mere 18 percent of households had access to recycling programs that accepted cartons. To date, that number has increased to 36 percent.

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