Md. Passes Law Requiring Apartment Recycling


Maryland apartment complexes of 10 units or more will be required to provide recycling bins for residents beginning in October 2014.

Recycling in apartment building can sometimes be a difficult feat. If your complex does not offer recycling bins, your only option is to bag up the recyclables and haul them to the nearest drop-off site.

Maryland thinks there has to be a better way. Earlier this month, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed a bill into law that makes it mandatory for all multifamily complexes of 10 units or more to make recycling available to residents by October 2014.

“As the number of renters increases, we want to provide more opportunities for them to participate in recycling,” says bill sponsor Stephen Lafferty, D-Baltimore County, on his website. “We cannot continue to add to our landfills but must support recycling.”

The law mimics one passed in California late last year, which now requires complexes of five units or more to offer paper, plastic, can and bottle recycling to tenants. Similar laws were vetoed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in previous years.

If your state has yet to pass an apartment recycling law, visit Earth911′s Recycling Directory to find the drop-off site nearest you.

Apartment Recycling: Challenges and Solutions

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