10 Household Uses for Citrus Scraps

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Whether you’re juicing them up for refreshing beverages, zesting them for tasty sauces or chopping them for bright summer salads, nothing goes better with warm weather than the tangy taste of citrus fruits. But what to do with all those leftover scraps? Sure, you can compost your citrus remnants. But if you live in the city, don’t have a compost pile or are just looking for something else to do with your scraps, you’ll be pleased to know that those tidbits of lemon, orange, lime and other citrus fruits have loads of useful applications around the house. From banishing mosquitoes to cleaning your kitchen, here are 10 household (re)uses for your citrus scraps.


Homepage Image: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911

1. Whip up an enzyme cleaner

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Photo: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911
spray, bottle, lemon, lemons, cleaner, household, cleaning, product, products, enzyme, eco-friendly, natural
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DIY cleaning products are the latest back-to-basics trend for Earth-lovers who want to save money, cut back on packaging waste and reduce their family’s exposure to chemicals.

But if your tonics of vinegar, water and baking soda can’t stand up to tough messes, you don’t have to go back to store-bought alternatives! Whip up an enzyme cleaner from your citrus scraps, and start cleaning everything and anything without harsh smells or chemical additives.

Made from fermented citrus scraps, enzyme cleaners are powerful enough to blast away stuck-on messes but gentle enough to be used around food, children and pets.

And when we say you can use enzymes to clean anything, we mean it: Dishes, laundry, floors, porcelain, tile, stove tops, counter tops – even clogged drains.

Typically, enzyme cleaners take about three months to ferment, but this recipe from EcoKaren blogger Karen Lee will only take about two weeks. And the inventive homemaker will even tell you how to dilute and use your miracle cleaner at home.

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