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An average of 46 million photos are uploaded to Flickr every month, from the aesthetic (professional photography, amateur shots and photo-a-day challenges) to the just-for-fun (about 100,000 images of cats in laundry baskets). And, as Earth911 recently discovered, this photographic hotspot is also home to loads of brilliant and beautiful reuse ideas that left our crafty fingers tingling. But who has time to sift through millions of Flickr images to track down DIY gold? Have no fear, crafty reader. We do. We gave our browsers a workout to bring you the top 10 reuse ideas on Flickr. Be warned: You may want to try out every one!


Homepage Image: Flickr/Sarah Korf

1. Faux-Porcelain Vase

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Photo: Flickr/cuttlefish
vase, ceramic, faux, tulip, tulips, purple, flowers, home, house, DIY, craft, crafts, rum, bottle, reuse
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This vase may look like it cost a pretty penny, but it’s actually made from a recycled rum bottle.

Inspired by a tutorial from P.S. I Made This blogger Erica Domesek, Flickr user cuttlefish (aka writer and blogger Lauren) got crafty with her recyclables to create this Jonathan Adler-esque accent for her living room.

The New York crafter pulled the labels off her rum bottle and decorated it with puffy paint and spray paint to achieve this faux-porcelain look. So chic!

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