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Because all cereal bags are engineered to keep moisture out, and keep cereal fresh over a long shelf life, they are not as easily recycled as the plastic bags you can simply return to your grocer. However, the sturdy and re-sealable packaging can be used for a variety of purposes and projects.

A few brave Earth911 staffers decided to put their creativity to the test and accepted our Cereal Bag Reuse Challenge. Given nothing but a bag of MOM Brands (formerly Malt-O-Meal) cereal, a week until deadline and full creative license, our crafty crew came up with seven fun ways to reuse their empty cereal bags.  Some are pretty, some are practical and all are great ways to give a second life to an otherwise finished product.

Here’s where you come in! We want our readers to determine our challenge champion. Once you’ve scrolled through all of the entries, vote for your favorite at the end, and the readers’ top pick will win a prize!


Earth911 Cereal Bag Throwdown

Earth911 Cereal Bag Throwdown
Earth911 Cereal Bag Throwdown
1. Jewelry Beads
2. Upcycled Swimwear
3. All-Purpose Notebook
4. Bag Dispenser
5. Dinosaur Terrarium
6. Playful Placemat
7. Clutch Wallet
Pick Your Favorite!

By bagging the box, MOM Brands cereal uses 75 percent less consumer packaging than boxed cereal makers, offering its customers the chance to save money and keep unnecessary materials from being wasted.

While its product makes reducing waste an easy option in the cereal aisle, MOM Brands isn’t stopping there. It wants to see its products come full circle in the recycling loop, which is why the end-of-life disposal for MOM Brands’ bags is a key feature of its Bag The Box Campaign. It’s for this reason that MOM Brands partners with TerraCycle, which collects hard to recycle materials and transforms them into usable products.

Together they have created the MOM Brands Cereal Bag Brigade, which offers customers the option to mail their empty cereal bags to TerraCycle for free and even earn money for their school of choice.

If mailing your bags in doesn’t suit you, reusing them yourself is a great alternative. Just in case your creative juices aren’t flowing, we’ve enlisted the help of our Earth911 team to come up with seven fun ways to reuse your empty cereal bag!

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