Eco-Friendly DIY: Book Page Work Table

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Have a work table in your home or office that could use a little refinishing? Skip the paints and stains, and give your table a pick-me-up using old book pages! DIY maven Stacie Grissom, editor of The Reading Glasses Shopper Blog, will show you how it’s done.


Homepage Image: Stacie Grissom/The Reading Glasses Shopper Blog

How To Do It:

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Photo: Stacie Grissom/The Reading Glasses Shopper Blog
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Carefully remove individual book pages from your old books. Don’t worry if some pages are slightly ripped or torn. Just use these as a base layer, and opt for whole pages for your final finish.

Start by layering the Mod Podge on the table using a brush. Then, begin placing book pages strategically in the Mod Podge.

Once you have a base layer of pages, you can add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the dry pages and repeat the process until you have covered the entire table.

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