Green Lessons Our Dads Taught Us

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Children learn troves of life-lessons from their fathers, from the importance of hard work and honesty to the value of a dollar. As Father’s Day approaches, Earth911 wanted to take a moment to recognize all those planet-friendly values our dads imparted on us. From fixing that leaky faucet to caring for your car, here are five green lessons our dads taught us.

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1. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Most dads are on a mission to teach their children the value of a dollar. How many times did you try to sneakily turn up the thermostat only to be told, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? All overused proverbs aside, cutting back on wasted money also cuts back on loads of other things – namely carbon impacts and household waste.

For example, reducing food waste, saving energy and sharing with your neighbors are great ways to save some cash. But Mother Earth will thank you for these simple habits, too! Bring a smile to Dad’s face and find out how your green routines can save a whopping $2,000 this year. And if you’re on a tight budget, try cashing in on your eco-friendly habits to fatten your wallet and lighten your footprint.

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2. Stay Active

Even if your dad isn’t an athlete, he probably griped a bit when you plopped down in front of the television instead of playing outside. Staying active and enjoying the great outdoors are two of the most important dad-given lessons we’ve learned, as getting outside is pretty much the greenest thing you can do.

Enjoying the outdoors helps you remember why protecting the planet is so important, and you’ll save on energy, too. Instead of setting the thermostat to the perfect temperature and turning on the lights in every room, plan some fun outdoor activities to feel at one with Mother Nature.

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3. Care For Your Car

Dad just wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t remind you (incessantly) to change your oil, check your tire pressure and schedule your six-month service. His not-so-subtle hints are likely more about your safety than your car’s, but following his advice can actually help you cut back on waste and shrink your carbon footprint.

Regularly changing the oil, spark plugs and filters in your car reduces emissions and increases the longevity of your engine, which shrinks the number of automobiles entering the waste stream before their time.

For even better performance, do Papa proud and check your tire pressure regularly between trips to the mechanic. Keeping your tires at the proper pressure increases your car’s gas mileage. It also increases the longevity of your tires, which reduces rubber waste. Most gas stations and service centers have pressure gauges and air dispensers available.

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