Watch: Plastic Bottles Recycled into Salad Boxes


Water is healthy for you, and so is lettuce. But when they come packaged in plastic and that packaging is disposed of improperly, it’s less-than-healthy for the environment.

But Global PET, makers of the Bottle Box, believe you don’t have to scrap your ideals for convenience. The Perris, California-based bottle recycler turns plastic soda, water and juice bottles into plastic salad containers using 100 percent recycled plastics.

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Though the company has been around for 16 years, the newly released video below shows the process from start to finish.

Thousands of bottles are brought to the Perris facility every day and are then sorted by color. Then, they’re ground into flakes, which are thoroughly washed and cleaned. Heat is applied to the flakes to create long spools of post-consumer PET, which are then formed into simple plastic containers marketed as salad containers. The containers could easily be used for other food products as well, as long as the food isn’t so hot as to burn through the plastic.

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As one of the few U.S. companies that perform the recycling process, from gathering bottles to churning out a finished product, Global Plastics signed on Rubio’s Mexican Restaurants to use their salad containers in 2010. Small businesses were the first to catch on to the idea, though, eager to increase their environmental responsibility, the company says on its website.

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