Alarm Clocks Powered by Water


A look at the Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock. Photo: Bedol

A new alarm clock design shuns traditional power sources like batteries and wall plugs in favor of an old, time-tested standard from the world of advertising – just add water.

It’s a fitting slogan for a design from Mark Bedol, the Los Angeles-based designer behind SkyMall-worthy, “I didn’t know I needed that” products like the checkbook calculator and 18 time zone clock. The Bedol Water Alarm Clock is a 100 percent water-powered alarm clock. It’s not a clock “hybrid” that uses batteries or plugs for back up support, but a completely self-powered product that contains metallic plates that convert ions in the water into enough energy to power the device.

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This it isn’t the first water-powered clock that looks to wake you from your slumber. Austrian Designer Vera Wiedermann has already released the hydro-powered alternative to buzzing wake up sounds.

That extremely low-tech model, the Dreamtime alarm clock, is made from nothing but copper and glass. Users can fill their Dreamtime to the water mark of their choosing, indicating how many hours they would like to sleep, then let the modern clock do the rest. When time comes to wake up a hammer falls, causing soothing chimes to be played rather than a droning buzz.

It looks like there’s a hydropowered alarm for both heavy and light sleepers. The Bedol Water Alarm Clock retails for $26-$39. All Dreamtime units are currently sold out.

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