Tool Cuts Glass Bottles into Tumblers


A look at bottles-turned-tumblers made using the Kinkajou. Photo: Patrick Lehoux

Bottle reuse projects are everywhere.

You can find a few on our Tumblr, from vases to lamps, but most reuse crafts keep the bottle in its original form. After all, it’s glass and it would be difficult to cut without shattering the bottle entirely.

One Canadian entrepreneur thinks he has found a way around the potential hazards of cutting glass bottles for crafts, though. The Kinkajou, named after a toothy mammal from South America, is a circular glass “cutter,” which is actually a glass scorer.

The product creates a score line where you want the glass to separate. Step one is to figure out where you want the glass to be cut, then lock in and twist the Kinkajou until you have the perfect score line. Then, using boiling hot water, simply pour over the scored line and the glass will break along the line. Finish the project with a piece of sand paper, which ensures the edges are smooth and hazard-free – perfect for a cheap, homemade glass tumbler or flower vase.

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Unlike regular freehand glass cutters, the clamp circular design makes sure your bottle gets the perfect straight cut every time.

Currently the Kinkajou is only available through creator Patrick Lehoux’s Kickstarter project. The designer is looking to reach a $75,000 funding goal by July 7. Currently, Lehoux has raised just over $51,000 of his goal. As with all Kickstarter projects, the Kinkajou won’t be funded unless Lehoux reaches his goal.

Pledges as low as $40 will get their very own Kinkajou if Lehoux reaches $75,000. The Kickstarter also offers retail kits of 50 Kinkajous for $1,400 and a distributor kit of 100 Kinkajous for $2,400.

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