10 Eco-Friendly DIY Projects for Your Bicycle

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5. Drawstring seat cover

Bike-lovers have many reasons for installing a seat cover: to hide worn-out uppholstery, protect the seat from damage or cover its brand name to ward against theft when parked outdoors. But why pay more for store-bought alternatives when you can make a cute and functional seat cover in less than an hour?

In the video above, Becky Stern – avid cyclist and contributor to Craftzine.com‘s CRAFT Video – will show you how to transform a durable piece of fabric into a convenient drawstring seat cover that slips on and off with ease.

Tip: Stern used a purchased peice of polyester for her bike seat, which she selected for its durability and water-resistance. But any piece of heavy-duty fabric will do. Reclaim a pair of old blue jeans, athletic shorts or ski pants from the back of your closet to keep your project zero-waste.

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6. Mailbox bike basket

Like many DIY projects from craft maven Martha Stewart, you’ll take one look at this clever bike basket made from an upcycled mailbox and think, ‘genius.’

The DIY diva simply attached a standard aluminum letter box over the rear tire for ample storage and a quirky look that’s sure to turn heads. For added convenience, the door’s latch keeps your makeshift basket securely closed so you won’t spill any precious cargo. Check out this quick and easy tutorial to see how she did it.

Warning: You’ll need to break out the drill for this one. So, ask a handy friend or family member for help if power tools aren’t exactly your thing.

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