PHOTOS: Stylish Recycled Decor for the Backyard

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If your backyard is in need of a pick-me-up, don’t head to the big-box garden center! Opt for a few well-selected items that showcase your unique personality (not to mention your love for Mother Earth). To get you started, check out these 14 lawn and garden picks we’re drooling over this week. And guess what? They’re all recycled!


Homepage Image: Twin Oaks Hammocks

1. Industrial bike sculpture

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Photo: Etsy user baconsquarefarm
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Eco-minded couple Pete and Tanya have been crafting gorgeous steel and wood decor items for more than 20 years. In 1985, the husband-and-wife duo transformed their hog and cattle farm in southwestern Minnesota into a veritable playground for their reuse design.

The couple converted the farm’s hog-feeding station into a woodworking area, and the cattle barn became their metal shop.

Their creations, including this stunning industrial bike sculpture, are somewhere between eclectic style and modern minimalism. As an eco bonus, they’re all made from upcycled metal and wood.

To see more of the crafty couple’s handmade creations, head to their Etsy shop – appropriately dubbed Bacon Square Farm.

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