PHOTOS: Sustainability at the London Olympics

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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock all weekend, the London Summer Olympics began on Friday. The games, which are expected to draw more than 1 million spectators to downtown London, promise to be the most sustainable Olympic events ever, according to the U.K. Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the organization responsible for constructing event venues. To find out how the ODA is shrinking the footprint of the summer games, let’s take a look inside the Olympic Park and see how it was designed with the planet in mind.


Homepage Image: Olympic Delivery Authority

A sustainable stadium

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Photo: Olympic Delivery Authority
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The Olympic Stadium will host the four opening and closing ceremonies at London 2012, as well as some of the games’ most iconic events.

Organizers boast that the 80,000-capacity stadium was constructed with less new material than any other Olympic stadium by using unwanted pipelines, recycled granite and concrete, and other reclaimed materials.

The venue is also the lightest Olympic Stadium ever built – minimizing the use of steel and reducing carbon footprint.

To make the stadium easier to reuse after the games have come and gone, designers also incorporated easily-deconstructable components.

The permanent lower tier, with a capacity of 25,000, can be utilized for future events in London, while a temporary steel and concrete upper tier, which holds a further 55,000 spectators, can be dismantled after the games.

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