Molson Beer Coasters Grow into Trees


A look at the seed infused coaster being packaged with select cases of Molson Canadian. Photo: Molson Canadian

Drinking a brew at home can be wasteful if you don’t take the right precautions. First, you need to recycle the bottle. Then, you need to make sure your furniture isn’t damaged.

Skipping paper coasters for reusable ones would typically be the way to go. After all, there’s little waste associated with wood or plastic coasters. But what if your disposable coaster could breathe new life into your garden?

That’s the vision behind Molson Canadian’s new seed-infused coasters, which are currently being packaged with select cases of beer. Plant the coaster and add water to see a Black Spruce tree grow.

The coasters are a part of the company’s environmental initiative dubbed the Red Leaf Project, which has planted over 100,000 trees since it launched in 2011. Lured by promises of free beer, 1,000 employees and Canadian volunteers have lent a hand to the project throughout Canada.

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