All Signs Point to More Plastic Bag and Film Recycling

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These days, plastic bags and film packaging can be found on everything from the loaf of bread in your kitchen to the dry cleaning in your closet. While recycling options can still be confusing sometimes, recycling plastic bags, wraps and film is one area that is getting easier, thanks to both clarified labeling and other outreach.

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Plastic bags and packaging are made of polyethylene (PE) film. These bags and product wrappers aren’t commonly accepted by curbside recycling programs because they are thin, flexible and tend to cause problems with sorting machinery. However, according to a recent report, consumers now have greater access than ever to recycling options due to the growing number of grocers and retailers offering public collection bins.

The Plastic Film and Bag Recycling Collection: National Reach Study identified over 15,000 drop-off locations around the country and determined that over 70 percent of Americans have a drop-off bin available in their community.

Now that recycling has become a mainstream option, the next step is getting people to participate, and both industry insiders and independent groups are going all in to make it happen.


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