Recycled Blue Jeans Insulate Recording Studio


Musician Dan Deacon. Photo: Jonathan Purvis

Baltimore-based Musician Dan Deacon knows all about blending old with new.

He consistently mixes his own classical compositions with modern electronic interest into dichotomous, beautiful sounds.

Considering his genre of choice, it’s no shock that Deacon would want to blend those ideas in his studio, too. For his upcoming album, America, Deacon built a Baltimore studio with a true bit of Americana – recycled blue jeans – using acoustic insulation produced by Arizona-based company Bonded Logic. Deacon detailed the decision in an interview last month with Pitchfork:

“This is the record I spent the longest time with in the studio. The room was built specifically to record the orchestral track “Rail”, which is made up of 99% acoustic instruments, but treated like computer music. I needed to create an environment that would keep the nuance of the instruments – there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of layers of violin, cello, trombone. So we built an anechoic chamber – this floating room within a room. I found this insulation that’s basically recycled blue jeans. It has the least environmental impact, which is important to me.”

A look at Bonded Logic's denim insulation. Photo: Bonded Logic

Bonded Logic specializes in using recycled paper and cotton fibers like denim to create construction products like Deacon’s acoustical panels, as well as standard denim home insulation, the aluminum Ultratouch Radiant Barrier and loose-fill insulator Ultratouch Cellulose.

Starting August 6, Bonded Logic products can be found in 165 Lowe’s retail stores across the western U.S. There has been an increased demand in sustainable insulation solutions over the past few years, the company says in a press release. Plus, Bonded Logic products have the increased incentive of no itching thanks to its 100 percent natural composition, unlike its fiberglass competitors.

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