5 Cool Recycled Outdoor Structures

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Thinking about building a shed, studio or playhouse for the kids in your backyard? To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest outdoor structures made of recycled materials – from unwanted phone books and dilapidated fences to agricultural waste like potato peels and hemp.

Homepage image: Roderick Romero Treehouses

1. Recycled and recyclable playhouse

kidshouse, bio-based playhouse, recycled playhouse, compostable playhouse
Photo: Johan Horst Fotografie
kidshouse, bio-based playhouse, recycled playhouse, compostable playhouse
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recycled treehouse, roderick romero, romero studios, firesphere
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Gertee, recycled yurt, Niki Raapana, alaska

This children’s playhouse is not only made from recycled materials – agricultural waste like potato peels and tree bark – but it is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life. The house’s bio-based construction materials can simply be thrown onto the compost heap, where they will decompose completely.

The “Kidshouse” is a project of BE-Basic, a Netherlands-based public-private partnership among universities, research institutes and companies to develop bio-based alternatives to fossil fuels.

Some of the house’s eco-friendly materials include interior walls made from coconut and hemp fiberboards, waterproof roofing made of vegetable oils and bioplastic electric sockets made from potato peels.

In addition to being a playhouse for children, the Kidshouse serves as an educational tool, displaying posters that explain petroleum alternatives like bioplastic to kids.

The bio-based playhouse is currently on display at this year’s Floriade, the Netherland’s international exhibition of flowers and gardening, through October, when it will move to the country’s Delft University of Technology’s botanical garden.

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