PHOTOS: Clutter-Banishing DIYs for the Office

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Whether you work in an office or from your own home, clutter can diminish productivity and leave your workspace feeling chaotic and unorganized. But don’t put your head down on your desk in despair! Earth911 is here to help you take back your tabletops with these 10 de-cluttering DIY projects that repurpose trashed materials and keep your office neat and tidy. Oh, and they’re pretty stylish, too!


Homepage Image: Matthew Caragliano/The Mended Nest

1. Use Mason jars for wall storage

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Photo: Matthew Caragliano/The Mended Nest
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Wall storage is perfect for keeping loose office supplies off your desktop and within easy reach. And adding the thrifty appeal of Mason jars takes this simple office DIY from functional to all-out fabulous.

Matthew Caragliano, who blogs at The Mended Nest, used hose clamps and a found piece of wood to create this gorgeous Mason jar storage center for pens, pencils and other office essentials.

To give it a try in your own office, check out Caragliano’s tutorial at The Mended Nest. And don’t restrict yourself to thrifted Mason jars for this one. Jelly jars rescued from your recycling bin work just as well!

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