What if Saving Water Was a Sport?


After competing in a sport, the first thing most athletes do is hit the showers. But what if showering itself was the sport?

That’s the idea behind “Showering for Glory,” a hilarious new video aimed at encouraging viewers to save water with shorter showers (and, perhaps, spit-take on their computer screens).

In true mockumentary form, the video revisits ‘Short Showering,’ “a sport that blossomed in Britain following World War II but is little-known these days; its heroes forgotten, its epic highs and lows confined to history,” as described by the video’s narrator over a meandering piano track.

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Needless to say, the video and the sport itself are works of fiction, but that doesn’t make the recollections of crotchety 1947 All-England Short Sharp Shower Team member Ben Walker any less funny or awkward, nor the issue of water waste any less pressing today. Americans use 80 to 100 gallons of water per day, requiring the withdrawal of more than 43 billion gallons per day from public water systems.

The video is one in a series produced by Do the Green Thing, a not-for-profit collective of media folks and creatives committed to inspiring people to “lead a greener life.”

Check out “Showering for Glory” below:

Homepage photo: Showerhead, Shutterstock

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