Reusable Replacements: Eating On-the-Go

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The average American generates 4.43 pounds of trash every day, and single-use products are a big part of that. Tackling your family’s use of disposables may seem intimidating at first, but the bounty of rad reusable solutions on the market makes it easy for anyone to kick throw-away products to the curb. To show you how simple it can be to ditch disposables, Earth911 rounded up five common single-use products from all over the house – along with creative (and reusable!) ways to replace them.


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1. Cupcake liners

chocolate, cupcakes, cupcake, flowers, flower, decorated, gourmet, dessert, desserts
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chocolate, cupcakes, cupcake, flowers, flower, decorated, gourmet, dessert, desserts
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lunch, bag, bagged, brown, packed, sandwich, turkey, chicken, plastic, bag, apple
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The cupcake craze of recent years is slowly declining, and trendy dessert-lovers have moved on to more curious “fad foods” like miniature pies and candy shaped like mustaches. But cupcakes are still one of the most popular desserts in the nation, with millions consumed annually.

Crumbs, America’s largest cupcake chain, sold an estimated 13 million cupcakes in 2010. And with literally thousands of poshed-out cupcake bakeries lining main streets across the country, Americans are eating a whole lot of cupcakes.

The only problem with our fondness for the retro treat is that paper cupcake liners are extremely challenging to recycle, as contamination from cooking oils can damage the quality of recycled paper goods. Like aluminum foil, metal cupcake liners are also problematic to recycle once used.

Rest easy, cupcake lovers. You don’t have to give up your beloved confections for the sake of the planet. A surprising reusable solution can cut cupcake liner waste down to size.

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