PHOTOS: 12 Ways to Upcycle Thrifted Furniture

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Furniture accounted for 8.8 million tons, or 3.6 percent, of our overall waste stream in 2005 (quadruple the tonnage in 1960), according to the EPA. One man’s trash may be another thrift store-lover’s treasure, but let’s get serious: That $2 coffee table isn’t doing anyone any good sitting in the garage. Dust off that stash of thrifted furniture and check out these 10 creative ways to give it a second life in style. Not a thrift store enthusiast? Don’t worry. One look at these projects may change your mind.


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1. Get crafty with an old door

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Photo: Stacey Freet/Embracing Change
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Old construction components, such as doors and windows, can be found dirt-cheap at thrift stores. But many thrifty shoppers shy away from these picks simply because they think they have no use for them.

This inventive project from Embracing Change blogger Stacey Freet proves that there’s always a great use for an abandoned door. By adding a few coats of paint and two sawhorses from her garage, the crafty mom transformed an old door into a stunning outdoor table for family picnics.

For added color, Freet gathered four mismatched chairs that she picked up from Freecycle, and gave them all a coat of bright red paint for an eye-catching look that’s sure to impress.

Check out her tutorial at Embracing Change for tips and step-by-step instructions.

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