Reusable Replacements: In the Office

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Americans generate about 250 million tons of trash every year, and single-use products are a big reason why. We all want to reduce our contribution to the nation’s waste stream, but disposables can seem difficult to avoid when you’re away from home, especially in a highly-regimented environment like the office. Don’t worry, Earth-loving employee. Scores of fun reusable replacements make it easy to stay waste-free at work. To prove it, Earth911 rounded up five common single-use products from around the office – along with innovative, reusable ways to replace them.


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1. Markers

dry, erase, calendar, marker, markers, eraser, office
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dry, erase, calendar, marker, markers, eraser, office
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ballpoint, pen, pens, marker, markers, colored, pencils, colorful, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, office, school, supplies
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An estimated 500 million markers are disposed of in North America every year. It may seem tough to eliminate markers from schools and offices, but you can still choose reusable to minimize waste and conserve natural resources.

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