Recycling Mystery: Deodorant Tubes

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Precycle: Reduce waste before you buy

If you’re having trouble tracking down the material your tubes are made from, you may want to opt for an easy-to-recycle option ahead of time to cut back on waste – also known as “precycling.”

To solve your disposal dilemma before it starts, consider switching to a brand that offers take-back programs for deodorant packaging, such as Tom’s of Maine. Or browse the Web for a brand that notes packaging materials on its Website to make finding a recycling solution easier.

If you’re looking to eliminate packaging waste altogether, you can also make your own deodorant at home from ingredients in your pantry. One of the most basic homemade deodorants is baking soda, which absorbs perspiration and neutralizes odors.

To give it a try, simply use a makeup brush or powder puff to apply baking soda to dry underarms, and see how it works for you. Some greenies swear by it! For more advanced DIY deodorants, check out these tutorials from eHow, Instructables and The Talking Kitchen.

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