Reusable Replacements: Your Morning Coffee

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If your morning routine wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee, you’re certainly not alone. An estimated 58 percent of American adults consumed coffee daily in 2011, according to the National Coffee Association. While drinking coffee can be a fairly low-waste affair if you brew a pot at home, getting that caffeine boost on the go can create loads of paper and plastic waste. Have no fear, java-lover! You don’t have to give up your coffee habit entirely to protect our planet. To show you how easy it can be, Earth911 rounded up five common single-use coffee products – along with some rad (and reusable!) ways to replace them.


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1. Paper and foam coffee cups

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coffee, cup, litter, street, ground, sidewalk, disposable, paper, Styrofoam, foam
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reusable, single, serve, coffee, cup, cups, k-cup, k-cups, keurig, office, machine
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reusable, coffee, cup, sleeve, cork, eco-friendly

Americans throw away about 25 billion foam coffee cups every year, according to the Environment Action Association. To add to the pileup of disposable waste, figures tally the nation’s use of paper coffee cups as high as 58 billion annually.

Since both foam and mixed-paper coffee cups are notoriously difficult to recycle, choosing reusable will go a long way toward keeping your trash cans empty and lightening your environmental footprint.

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