PHOTOS: Reuse Ideas for Broken Jewelry

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Whether you purchased your stash of broken, tangled or unwanted jewelry from a thrift store, inherited it from a relative or dug it out of your own jewelry box, finding a reuse idea can be a challenge. To help you solve this common closet conundrum, Earth911 rounded up these eight stunning reuse ideas for your old bling – no matter how damaged or disheveled it may be.


1. Birds Nest Necklaces

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Photo: Sarah Ortega/Sarah Ortega Photography
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When that string of pearls or beaded bracelet snaps, most of us search for the nearest trash bin. But why toss something that has loads of potential for prettiness still intact?

Take a page from photographer and DIY-enthusiast Sarah Ortega‘s book, and repurpose your stray beads, pearls and other broken jewelry bits to create these stunning bird’s nest necklaces that are perfect for trendsetters and nature-lovers alike.

In a few simple steps, Ortega will show you how to create your own mini bird’s nest from jewelry wire and incorporate loose beads and pearls as small “eggs” inside. How clever!

Tip: Unless you’re making necklaces for a small army, you’ll probably have some stray beads or pearls left over after this project is finished. Rather than throwing the remnants of your broken necklace in the trash, save beads and pearls in a small jar for use in future projects to cut back on waste.

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