Stunning Reuse Ideas for Old Books and Maps

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Have a few unreadable books in your bookshelf or out-of-date maps in your glove compartment? Before tossing them in the recycling bin, take a moment to realize their full potential. Old-school finds add a welcoming and one-of-a-kind flair to your home decor, and the antique look is way easier to achieve with real vintage treasures than new stuff made to “look old.” So, gather up your paper leftovers, hand-me-downs and thrift store finds, and check out these 10 creatively beautiful ways to reuse them.

1. Create a gorgeous frame for vacation photos

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Photo: Lidy Dipert/Hello Lidy
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Photo: Danielle Mozjerin/Minimoz Blog

Looking for a creative way to commemorate your summer travels? Take a cue from Hello Lidy blogger Lidy Dipert, and use an old map to put your vacation memories on display.

Dipert and her husband picked up a used map at a bookstore on a recent trip to Ireland, and when they returned home, the crafty blogger got creative and transformed the map into a stunning photo frame to keep vacation memories alive.

So, pick out your favorite vacation photograph, and head to a local thrift shop, used book store or secondhand boutique to find a map of your destination.

Once you have your supplies together, head to Hello Lidy for a detailed tutorial that will help you create this stunning statement piece for less than $10, in less than 10 minutes. Now that’s our kind of project!

Tip: Dipert used a new photo frame for her project, but thrifted frames work just as well! Save on cash and natural resources by opting for a used frame for your project.

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