Ditch Virgin Paper for Recycled Options

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Stop for a minute and think about all the paper products you use on a daily basis; at home, at work, when you’re running errands. The average American uses 5.57 40-foot trees worth of paper each year, according to The Economist. Paper, however, is fairly easy to recycle, and more paper is recycled in the United States than is thrown in landfills – 51 million tons in 2010, according to Paperrecycles.org, which is enough to fill 124 Empire State Buildings.

Since a large portion of paper products do get recycled, it is important to be aware of which products are made from recycled materials. Let’s take a closer look at frequently used paper goods and see how environmentally-friendly options can be substituted for virgin paper products.


1. Post-it Notes

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paper, recycle, sticky note
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If you’re a list-maker or the kind of person who likes to write things down, Post-its are handy tools. With a Post-it, you can make a quick note and stick it anywhere, which is great for your daily to-do list. If these paper squares are essential to your day, then you can easily switch to Post-it’s recycled options.

Greener Notes
are made from 100% recycled paper and even have a plant-based adhesive.

Or, if you would rather eliminate paper altogether, opt for a digital sticky-note program for your computer or wireless device.

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