New Survey: 'Green Guilt' is Up

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Ever have a feeling you couldn’t shake that you should be doing more to help the environment? You’re not alone! That feeling is referred to as “green guilt” and according to a new survey provided by Call2Recycle, that feeling is on the rise across the country.

Check out Call2Recycle’s infographic to see what else the survey uncovered and what you can do to start making a bigger difference.
Editor’s Note: Earth911 partners with many industries, manufacturers and organizations to support its Recycling Directory, the largest in the nation, which is provided to consumers at no cost. Call2Recyle is one of these partners.

Green Guilt is Up!

Green Guilt is Up!
Green Guilt is Up!
What Needs Recycling?
Who's Responsible?
What's Stopping Us?
Americans Want to Recycle Their E-waste!

Green guilt among Americans has more than doubled since 2009, according to a Call2Recycle survey released earlier this year.

“We see this as a positive. Whether due to the recovering economy or for other reasons, consumers are stimulated to think about the proper disposal of old electronics and conscious of the impact today’s actions have on the state of our planet,” said Carl Smith, CEO and president of Call2Recycle.

Call2Recycle is the only no-cost rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America, and is committed to keeping batteries out of the waste stream. Call2Recycle works with national retailers and businesses across the country to provide over 30,000 collection sites throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Finding a drop-off location for your batteries is easy and convenient- just visit and type in your zip code.

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