E-Waste Recycler, Non-Profit Create Jobs for Those With Disabilties

e-waste reycling, WhatIf Campaign

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Your dead television might look like a huge chunk of e-waste to you, but to Easter Seals Greater Houston, it looks like a job opportunity.

The Texas-based non-profit, which assists people with disabilities with everything from counseling to housing, has partnered with a local electronics recycler CompuCycle and CPA firm UHY Advisers, LLC to cut down on e-waste and provide job opportunities to those living with disabilities.

For the partnership, dubbed the WhatIf Campaign (Short for “What if… unused electronic waste could create jobs for those living with disabilities?”), local communities and corporations will donate their e-waste for a 60-day run, which began September 15. The non-profit hopes to reach a goal of 500,000 pounds of e-waste by the campaign’s November 15 end date.

All donated waste will be collected and recycled to fund a long-term training and employment program in the Houston area, with hopes to expand throughout the U.S. Easter Seals Greater Houston’s clients will then be trained to recycle and refurbish computers and other electronics.

“Our clients have a difficult time finding employment, and often, an even harder time maintaining these jobs,” Elise Hough, Easter Seals Greater Houston CEO, said in a press release. “What’s most exciting for us is that through comprehensive training, our clients will have job skills that aren’t only applicable to their work at CompuCycle, but for the rest of their lives.”

If you live in the Houston area and would like to help Easter Seals Greater Houston reach their 500,000 pound goal, contact CompuCycle’s Kelly Hess at khess@compucycle.net.

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