Canadian Brewers Craft Swag from Beer Waste


Photo: brewerCRAP

Beer brewers have plenty of gross words to deal with in the process of making a delicious beer (wort, mash, yeast), but one Canadian couple chooses to deal with CRAP.

Short for ‘Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project,’ brewers CRAP is the brainchild of George Eagleson, head brewer of Canada’s F&M Brewery in Guelph, Ontario and crafty partner Hannah Senitt. In 2009, the pair decided to do something about all of the used malt bags, box board, beer hoses and spent grain left over from the brewing process that would otherwise find their way to the trash.

“Our passion for turning crap into CRAP is fueled by malt and yeast. And the fact that Brewer, George, just can’t seem to throw things out. And Crafty Gal, Hannah, just didn’t want all that stuff hangin’ ’bout,” the CRAP purveyors write on their website.

What came from that potential waste is a bottle carriers, tote bags, wallets, desk organizers and more, all made from leftover brew waste and available on CRAP’s website and Etsy shop. They even sell soap made from spent grain, hops and beer, scented with ginger, lavender, bay and fir oils.

The duo is so committed to keeping things green that they’ll bike any order to you, should you like in their hometown of Guelph.

In an industry that could produce mass quantities of waste, many beer producers are stepping up to the eco-friendly plate. Macrobrewer MillerCoors recycles 98 percent of its brew waste while other brewers have committed to send spent grains to local farms or even create car fuel.

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