IKEA Plans CFL Phase-Out by 2016


IKEA says bye bye to CFLs. The home retailer plans to have only LED bulbs lining the shelves by 2016.

Starting in 2016, IKEA hopes your Duderös, Böjas, Husviks and Orgels will be lit with their LED bulbs.

The Swedish retailer announced earlier this month its plans to phase out CFLs, making the transition to complete LED domination in 2016. The announcement comes a year and a half after IKEA took all incandescent bulbs off shelves in early 2011.

The average projected lifespan of an LED light is 50,000 hours, compared to a CFL’s 10,000 hours and an incandescent’s 1,200 hours. CFLs contain trace amounts of mercury and can make for messy and hazardous cleanup should they shatter. LEDs don’t contain mercury, though they are both more expensive to produce and purchase. No word IKEA’s pricing structure on LED bulbs once CFLs are entirely phased out.

With the influx of CFLs being phased out by LEDs, recyclers have found ways to compensate. Many cities accept CFLs at household hazardous waste facilities.

Some lighting manufacturers, including select IKEA stores, will recycle LEDs that are dropped off to them.

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