Retailer Launches World's First Vacuum Recycling Website

Vac-Recycle, vacuum

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There are certain household items that you might never think about recycling until they break down.

Because of the complexity of a vacuum’s parts, your local recycling options might be limited, but one new Washington D.C. company thinks it’s up to the task. is the world’s first vacuum recycling website. It works similar to e-waste recycling sites by allowing the user to appraise an item, print out a shipping label and send it in to the company, ensuring the vacuum is recycled properly.

Once an item is physically analyzed and appraised by the company , the user gets a website store credit for the vacuum’s value good for filters, bags, belts, parts and more. Vacuums that are able to be repaired are then refurbished and sold through the site.

The website and its brick and mortar store, GoVacuum in Washington D.C., have partnered with Virginia recycler Forever Green Recycle, Inc., which claims to recycled 99 percent of vacuums that come in through the program. Some small vacuum parts like used filters, nylon brush strips and wooden roller brushes might not be recyclable.

For each vacuum donated, the website has pledged to plant a tree in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest in the user’s name.

Vacuum photo: Shutterstock

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