Reimagining Waste: What We Build on Former Landfills

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2. Mount Trashmore - Virginia Beach, Virginia

skate park, recreation, landfill
Photo: City of Virginia Beach
landfill, recreation, reuse
skate park, recreation, landfill
Millenium Parklands, Hassell
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landfill, concerts, reuse
landfill, reuse, recreation
kite festival, recreation, landfill
landfill, park

The City of Virginia Beach not only built a park on a landfill, but their park’s name also boasts about it. Mount Trashmore Park covers 165 acres and features two man-made mountains, lakes, multi-use paths, playgrounds and a skate park. The larger of the two mounds features a xeriscaped garden, which reduces the need for much watering, according to the City of Virginia Beach’s website.

The skate park at Mount Trashmore is extensive and offers 24,000 square feet of space for skateboarders as well as a vert ramp.

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