Newsweek Names America's Greenest Companies


Last week, Newsweek teamed up with The Daily Beast to unveil the magazine’s fourth annual Green Rankings, recognizing America’s greenest companies.

Lowe's was included in Newsweek's "2012 Green Rankings" as an eco-friendly retailer. Photo: Lowe's

The rankings are based on comparative analysis of the 500 largest American companies, weighing factors like environmental fooprint, corporate management and policy and transparency to zero in on the most eco-friendly of the bunch.

Several partners that help support Earth911′s recycling directory, the largest in the nation, are recognized for their waste-cutting measures on several lists in the Rankings.

Sprint, which champions cell phone buybacks to fight e-waste and has released more sustainable devices throughout the year, came in at number three on Newsweek’s list of greenest companies in the U.S.  Sprint also placed fifth on the publication’s “Unsung Heroes” list as a company that bucks reputation and expectations.

Dell, a company that in 2012 has expanded its Reconnect initiative that allows consumers to properly recycle electronics at Goodwill,  placed number four on the greenest U.S. companies list.

Owens Corning, a company that manufactures residential and commercial building materials, ranked as Newsweek’s second-most transparent U.S. company. We’ve covered the company’s innovative roof shingle recycling program extensively on Earth911.

Home improvement store Lowe’s came in at number 11 on the list of “Greenest Retail Companies” in the U.S., recognized by Newsweek for its incorporation of LEED-certified design elements in its retail spaces.

To see all of Newsweek’s Green Rankings 2012, visit The Daily Beast.

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