How Two Charities are Changing the World by Cleaning

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Haitian children at an orphanage in Port-au-Prince happily receive soaps from Clean the World. Photo: Clean the World

Did you know there are different types of sustainability?

Now more than ever, businesses and organizations are rolling out sustainability initiatives to make business practices greener with the likes of reducing waste, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and using eco-friendly building materials.

But that environmental focus, while critically important, is not the only way to participate in sustainable practices. Human health and wellness also play an important role in sustainability.

That’s why the American Cleaning Institute is using its charity partnerships to put social sustainability into focus. As an organization that represents the U.S. cleaning product industry, ACI has made an effort to partner with charities that also focus on people as well as the environment.

“Our commitment to social sustainability has been strong since 1926, and it continues to grow with our new outreach efforts,” says Nancy Bock, vice president of consumer education and meetings for ACI. “Better living is the backbone of all that we do at the Institute. Hygiene and cleaning products have played a continuous role in enhancing health and our quality of life.”

Here are two charities that ACI has partnered with as part of its social sustainability outreach effort incorporated into their clean-themed initiatives.



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