Reusable Replacements for Your Tailgate

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Football season is in full swing, and sports fans everywhere are sparking up their barbecues for a little tailgate time. But as littered parking lots prove, this age-old American tradition isn’t always the greenest of activities. Fortunately for eco fans, it’s easy to stop tailgate waste before it starts by replacing common disposable items with reusable solutions ahead of time. So paint those faces, light up those grills and check out these five clever reusable replacements for your tailgate.


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1. Polystyrene Coolers

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It’s almost inevitable that you’ll forget a piece of tailgate gear before leaving the house. And if you happen to forget your cooler, it often seems like the only option is to opt for a less-than-durable polystyrene alternative.

While it may seem like a good quick-fix, polystyrene is often very difficult to recycle and you may have limited recycling options locally – meaning that foam cooler is often destined for the landfill.

In 2009, a whopping 2.4 million tons of polystyrene products were produced and less than 10 percent were recycled, according to the EPA.

But luckily for forgetful fans, leaving the house without your cooler doesn’t have to mean contributing to polystyrene waste. Scroll through for a convenient, reusable solution to keep your tailgate footprint light.

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