5 Steps to Pitch an Apartment or Neighborhood Recycling Program

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4. Approach Your Property Management Company or HOA

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Once you have sufficient backing and data, it’s time to approach those in charge. If you live in an apartment complex, set up a meeting with someone at your property manager’s office to drop off a letter. If you live in a condo or house, head to your next HOA meeting with a contingent of concerned residents to present your case.

Below is a a sample letter that you can edit and give to the concerned parties:


Dear [insert company/group name here],

We are writing to you on behalf of many of the residents here at [complex name] concerning the trash and recycling options available to us. We are interested in having a recycling program for residents and believe this would be beneficial not only to us, but for you as well. An on-site recycling program could cut down significantly on waste and improve the well-being of those in our community.

We understand that implementing a recycling program can pose a number of challenges, including making space for recycling bins and complying with city regulations. These potential difficulties, however, can be offset by the money that could be saved by investing in a program. We have observed that the trash dumpsters are emptied [ #] times per week and believe that the complex could cut back on the number of collection days by offering a recycling bin. By our estimates, [# ]% of the trash created at our complex could be recycled, which would eliminate some of the dumpster pick-ups. The money saved by having less trash pick-ups could be used to pay for recycling.

According to [recycling company website or quote], recycling collection would cost about $[#]. A number of other complexes in the area are utilizing similar options. [Name them, if applicable.]

If a recycling program were implemented, we would be happy to help spread the word to residents about what to recycle and where bins for those recyclables will be located.

We hope you will consider this matter, as it is important to us that we have easily accessible recycling options at home. We would like to do our part to keep as much of our trash out of landfills as possible. Please contact [name of person heading up pitch] at [phone or email] with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

[names of residents]


Make the letter available to other residents so they can add their name to it if they would like to do so. Consider things from the company’s perspective: they want residents to be happy, so if enough residents are unhappy with the current situation, they may be motivated to take action.



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