5 Steps to Pitch an Apartment or Neighborhood Recycling Program

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5. Be Persistent

Once you’ve pitched a recycling program to your property management company or HOA, don’t sit back and relax. Be persistent.

“We met a lot more opposition than we expected,” Dixon said of her experience setting up her school’s recycling program. In her case, it took three years of legwork to get the program off the ground. With enough voices in favor of recycling, setting up a recycling program in your neighborhood should move much more quickly. To ensure that’s the case, make sure you and your neighbors remind your management company that this issue is important to you.

Also keep in mind that even if you have trouble finding some of the initial data to present to those in charge, it is still worth approaching your property manager or HOA. If enough residents express concern, managers may be willing to do some research on their own to see if the benefits of a recycling program outweigh the costs.

And in the future, if a program is set up, make sure residents do their part of keep trash out of the recycling bin. One of the most challenging parts of a program for a property manager is that tenants often disregard signs, Schotsky. said There has been a trend toward sustainability in recent years, however, and the obstacle of getting residents to adopt recycling habits is becoming less of a problem.

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