Headphones Made from Reclaimed Wood Benefit Deaf Children


LSTN Headphones, made from reclaimed wood, donates to clinics that help deaf children hear.

LSTN Headphones is trying to make the music-listening experience feel better than ever.

The L.A.-based small business not only creates sleek, unique headphones and earbuds out of sustainable reclaimed wood, but it also donates the gift of hearing to children in deaf schools all over the world.

Through a partnership with SoundSeekers, a portion of the proceeds of each set of headphones or earbuds that are sold go to fund mobile clinics in Africa and India that fit custom hearing aids and give on-the-spot treatment to children in deaf schools.

And the good doesn’t stop there. LSTN also donates locally to the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles, which provides audiological, developmental and educational services for children with hearing loss.

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What makes LSTN Headphones even more altruistic is that all the headphones are made from wood reclaimed from furniture makers. These scrap pieces would have otherwise been tossed in the landfill.

LSTN Headphones says that since wood has better resonance than metal or plastic, using wood as the basis of their headphones actually makes the music sound better.

You can be the judge of that. To learn more about LSTN Headphones or purchase a pair, visit the website.

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