Machine Aids Aerosol Can Recycling


The Aerosolv systems safely turns aerosol cans into recyclable scrap metal and can even be used at your home.

Many cleaners, polishes, disinfectants, insecticides and other common household products come in steel aerosol cans, which are recyclable, but the hazardous nature of the products and the complexity of the cans may leave you mystified about what to do with them.

Aerosolv, a company that turns aerosol cans into scrap metal, makes the whole process very easy for businesses and households.

The Aerosolv system safely punctures the can, relieving pressure and collecting any residual liquids. Hannah Krutt, spokesperson for Aerosolv, says  that once the hazardous contents are removed from the can, it can then be deemed scrap metal and ready for recycling.

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Aerosolv also includes proper filtering so odors and harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are not released into the air during or after the process, so there’s no need to worry about any chemicals found inside the can.

“The amount of waste that is ending up in landfills is a concern of both individuals and organizations,” Krutt says. “Aerosolv safely turns  common containers into recyclable material so people don’t have to scout out and pay drop-off or collection facilities to properly dispose of the hazardous waste.”

While Aerosolv is mainly used for organizations with a high volumes of aerosol containers, Krutt suggests that individuals that use aerosols on a regular basis for hobbies or home use could benefit greatly from the Aerosolv system. Plus, the can recycling system can easily be kept in a garage or storage space.

Most importantly, improperly disposing of household hazardous waste can be dangerous for people and the environment. Krutt says that for small volumes of aerosol cans, it makes more sense for an individual to find a HHW (household hazardous waste) facility in their area. The HHW facility will follow much the same process of the Aerosolv system and properly dispose of the waste.

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