5 FAQs About Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

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These days, everything from your cell phone to your toothbrush can be recharged. Since rechargeable batteries have established themselves as an everyday staple, it’s important to make sure you are up to speed with how to properly dispose of them when the time comes. Here are five rechargeable battery-basics to bring you up to speed.

According to the EPA, Americans buy, use and throw out billions of batteries every year. Photo: Flickr/ bitslammer

1. Are rechargeable batteries hazardous?

When in use, the rechargeable batteries powering your electronics and appliances pose no threat. However, the heavy metal elements they contain that allow them to be recharged over and over can be hazardous to the environment, unless they are properly recycled.

Recognizing the potential environmental consequences, the Environmental Protection Agency categorizes rechargeable batteries as household hazardous waste.

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