Double Your Use of Common Holiday Items

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It’s that time of year again: Time to sip hot cider, sing cheery carols and lug those “holiday boxes” down from the attic. While you’re sifting through your seasonal decor stash, take a moment to consider each item’s full potential. That stack of holiday cards piling up on your kitchen table could become a festive wall hanging for your entryway, and those barely-used cookie cutters can find new life as ornaments on your tree. To prove how easy it can be to extend the use of your holiday collection (and stay away from the decor shop for yet another day), Earth911 rounded up 10 clever DIY projects that will breathe new life into everything in your holiday stash. Reuse lovers, rejoice!


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1. Use cookie canisters for gift-giving

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Seasonal cookies and other baked goods are commonplace around the holidays. But these sweet treats can present a disposal dilemma: What to do with all those leftover canisters?

This simple reuse idea from Leah McCall, owner and creative director of Whimsical Gatherings, transforms your seasonal canisters into gorgeous alternatives to paper gift wrap.

To complete your DIY wrapping solution, add a base layer of nontoxic crafting spray paint to your canisters. If you’re craving a bold color, add a layer of white first as a primer so branding and labeling will not show through.

Then, use a hot glue gun to adorn your canisters with goodies from your crafting room, such as scraps of ribbon, loose beads and even broken jewelry.

Earth911 Tip: Don’t restrict yourself to holiday canisters for this project. Reuse canisters from non-seasonal items such as coffee, popcorn and baby formula to create an eco-friendly wrapping solution for all the gifts on your list.

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