Eco-Friendly Reusables for the Kids

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Living sustainably while raising children is often easier said than done. From prepackaged snacks to single-use wet wipes, parents encounter loads of hard-to-recycle disposables while caring for their kids. To help eco-minded moms and dads cut back on waste while raising happy, healthy children, Earth911 rounded up five common disposable parenting products, along with clever and reusable ways to replace them.


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1. Juice Boxes

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child, kid, baby, girl, drinking, juice box, juice, box, cute, small, little
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Americans consume a staggering 4 billion juice boxes annually. And while prepackaged juice may be a convenient quick-fix for sipping on-the-go, it can be difficult to recycle the waste that comes with it.

Juice boxes and other beverage cartons are actually 100 percent recyclable. The trouble is that only about 37 percent of neighborhood programs accept them – meaning you may have limited recycling options locally.

While carton recycling is growing quickly (access has increased by 19 percent since 2008), it may be easier to reduce hard-to-recycle waste while on the go by opting for a kid-friendly reusable alternative ahead of time.

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