Office Supply Stores Roll Out Reusable Shipping Boxes


A look at the Boomerang Box’s unique stackable design. Photo: Grand and Toy

In an ideal world, everyone would recycle their cardboard shipping boxes. But in reality, the hassle of breaking down and properly recycling the little brown boxes can seem like more hassle than it’s worth.

Grand and Toy, a Canadian office supply store, has found a solution for frequent costumers. The “Boomerang Box” is a specially designed box that’s stackable for easy storage, has reinforced corrugated stability and is made from 57 percent post-consumer material. The design allows it to be used and reused, even throughout the rough shipping process. When the next Grand and Toy shipment comes along, a driver picks the Boomerangs up for reuse.

In a trial, box consumption was reduced 80 percent and deterred 46,000 boxes from being one time use shipping containers, according to the company. Participants in the Boomerang Box program are required to maintain a 70 percent return rate to stay in the program.

“The G&T Boomerang Box program is all about being more sustainable. When you add up all the boxes that we can save, the G&T Boomerang Box will make a significant impact – saving energy, fuel, time, and trees,” the company says on its website. “We can’t do this without your participation and support. Help us and it will come back to help us all.”

In the United States, Office Max picked up on the Boomerang Box idea in June, operating under the same use, pickup and reuse system. When Boomerang Boxes are worn out beyond reuse, they are 100 percent recyclable like any other shipping box.

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