Nostalgic Childhood Gifts Upcycled for Grown-Ups

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The holidays tend to conjure up memories of childhood; Bursting out of bed early in the morning, eyes wide and heart pounding with excitement, in hopes of discovering that perfect gift. To bring a touch of youthful nostalgia into 2012, our staffers got sentimental and recalled their favorite gifts from holidays past. And, in true Earth911 fashion, we rounded up clever and creative reuse ideas to help you upcycle these once-treasured presents into practical new items you can still use today.


Homepage Image: Helena Schaeder Söderberg/Craft and Creativity

1. Favorite Gift: Roller Skates

roller skates, skates, 1980s, 80s, disco, bright, neon, colors, tights,
Photo: Flickr/markheybo
roller skates, skates, 1980s, 80s, disco, bright, neon, colors, tights,
roller, skate, skates, bookend, bookends, bookshelf, books, blue, glitter
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Staffer: Leah Blunt, Earth911 Fulfillment Editor

“I was always a kid on the move, so roller skates were a great (and probably easy) choice for Santa that year,” Leah said of her favorite childhood gift.

“They were blue with yellow pom-poms, and I wore them out teaching myself to spin circles in the car port. I treasured them!”

Leah may not spin circles in her driveway anymore, but she can still get plenty of use out of those snazzy blue roller skates. Scroll through for a clever idea to upcycle your old skates in a snap.

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