Burt's Bees Partners With Program to Recycle Lip Balm Packaging


Burt’s Bees lip balm caps and tubes can now be recycled through the Gimme 5 program. Photo: Burt’s Bees

Natural beauty and skincare line Burt’s Bees uses plenty of recycled plastic to package its products, but the beeswax purveyors are consistently looking for new ways to limit consumer waste.

Though one used tube of lip balm might not seem like much waste, one Burt’s Bees lip product is sold every second, giving the sustainably-minded company plenty of waste to think about. Burt’s Bees recently signed on to be part of a program to divert their plastic #5 lip balm tubes away from landfills. The Gimme 5 program, specifically designed to collect plastic #5 products, will now collect the plastic tubes and caps used in Burt’s Bees products.

“Our Beeswax Lip Balm started out in a clay pot, then moved into a tin, and didn’t end up in a yellow plastic tube until founders, Burt and Roxanne, were able to source a recycled plastic tube in the 1990s,” said Paula Alexander, Director of Sustainable Business at Burt’s Bees in a release. “We’re proud to take the next step in managing the life cycle of our lip care packaging by providing an important recycling service to our consumers through our partnership with Preserve.”

The Gimme 5 program collects #5 plastics like used yogurt containers, toothbrushes, razor handles, deodorant sticks, Brita filters and more through Whole Foods Market drop-off locations and select co-ops and mail-in programs. The program also partners with Recyclebank to offer rewards like discounts on groceries and restaurant trips for those tough to recycle items.

Though plastic lip balm tubes can be tossed in your regular recycling bin, often the tubes are too small to be separated by machines in most material recovery facilities, Burt’s Bees says. Gimme 5 gives the tubes special attention, ensuring the plastic gets recycled and reused.

To learn more about the Gimme 5 program or find a drop off location, visit the Gimme 5 website.

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